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Les Jardins remarquables du Château de la Chatonnière


Hidden away in a secluded valley crowned by 18 acres of flowering cornflowers and poppies and with sweeping views across the forest of Chinon and the river Indre, the twelve remarkable gardens of La Chatonniere are a carefully guarded secret. The owner, Béatrice de Andia and her award-winning head gardener, Ahmed Azéroual, have combined their skills to realise their vision to create a series of enchanting terraced gardens open to the public. The gardens vary in style and atmosphere; they awaken the senses, evoking feelings of wonder, charm and contemplation.



Like a jewelled necklace adorning a pretty woman’s neck they dazzle and enchant one. One is struck with admiration by the beauty of the designs, the colours of the leaf-shaped vegetable garden, the patterns of the entwined willow woven pergolas, and the heady perfume of the 5,000 roses. Follow the path and discover the gardens of Abundance, Intelligence, Botanical Sciences, Romance, Luxuriance, the Garden of France, of Fragrance, Silence, Delights, the Vale of Elegance,  the Garden of Dance and the Garden of the Senses.


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